Melissa majored in Drawing and Painting at Biola University, but there she tried out just about every kind of art known to man. She thoroughly enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, and making things in general. She also has always enjoyed writing and telling stories.

Once graduated, it still took her another 6 months to figure out her true life’s calling: to make comics and graphic novels. To make up for lost time, she now devours any comic or graphic novel that comes into her vicinity. She is also the editor/contributor of Toco Cat Comics. Where she and her friends post comics, illustrations, and such.

Melissa was an art instructor for children for 5 years. She thoroughly enjoyed working with crazy kids, and feeds off of their youthful energy.

Melissa’s superpower is being able to draw really, really fast… other people also have this superpower, making it a little less super…

Now 28 years old, she owes a lot of inspiration and encouragement to her insanely smart and sexy husband, her newborn son, and her very odd cat, Jean-Luc (who is a female).

If you would like more instant art updates, you can follow Melissa on instagram, facebook, twitter, and tumblr.


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