Melrose Maps

Hello! If you’ve been following me on social media recently, you’ve probably noticed an increase in fantasy maps in my posts.

I’ve loved drawing maps ever since my mom taught me how to distress paper to make it look old for a school project. Combine that with my deep abiding love and inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien, and his maps in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I have enjoyed in creating maps for myself and the stories that run through my head for a long time.

Before these past few minths, I never really considered pursuing drawing maps more than for my own pleasure, but when I posted those first few maps on Facebook and Instagram, I received a very good response, in addition to several commissions. I realized that I had tapped into something that people wanted and needed.

Because of this, I decided to create Melrose Maps as an offshoot of my illustration business.

You can now find examples of some of my maps here on the Melrose Maps tab on my website. You can find more recent maps and work-in-progress videos on my map Instagram @melrosemaps. I also now have map prints available on distressed, thick paper on my store! Check them out here!
I am planning on launching a Patreon for Melrose Maps this coming January 2020. There will create maps geared towards RPG players, dungeon and game masters, or anyone wanting world-building map inspiration. Some tiers will include one random inspiration map a month, or map packs with interacting maps and illustrations designed to enhance your adventures. I am hoping to implementbsome other cool ideas as my Patreon grows, so stay tuned for that!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and let know if you need any illustrations or maps! I am currently available for commissions.


Show Announcement: Studio Ghibli Tribute Gallery!

I am so, so, so, so excited to announce that I will be participating as a Gallery Artist as well as a Vendor in Artist Lodge’s Studio Ghilbli Tribute Gallery. I am a HUGE fan of Studio Ghibli, so I am beyond excited to be a part of it! Thank you to Humalong Productions and the Artist Lodge for putting the event together!

Check out my instagram for more updates and teasers of my pieces as the date draws nearer!

Hope to see you there!

Ornamental Oddities Gallery

Hello everyone! I am delighted to announce that I will participating in Fan*Alley’s Artist Lodge Ornamental Oddities Gallery and I will have a table at the event! (I’m so excited!)
This is a special show; instead of our traditional art gallery, there will be handmade ornaments made by local artists that you can’t get anywhere else. I’ve been working on some fun ornaments and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got in the mix. It will be an excellent place to get Christmas shopping done this year and get a unique something special for the special people in your life.
In addition there will be local artist vendors, live music cosplay drawing, raffles and more!
The Halloween show was so much fun, and I can’t wait for this one!

Hope to see you there!

It will take place on December 1st, 2018 from 5-9:30pm at the Boys Girls Club of Stanton, 11050 Cedar St, Stanton, CA 90680

Marvel Tribute Gallery with Fan*Alley Artist Lodge

I had the honor of joining the Marvel Tribute Gallery hosted by Fan*Alley Artist Lodge this May.

I contributed my version of Spider-Ned! Ned was my favorite from Spider-man, Homecoming, and I wanted him to get to be Spider-man for a day.


It was a delightful event full of talented local artists, music, vendors, and cosplayers.

They even had live costumed figure drawing!


I will be participating in their next show this coming September 29th for their Tim Burton/Laika Tribute Gallery. Stay tuned for more details!

Beach-A-Palooza 2: The Art-ening! A Steven Universe Fan Art Show

Poster design and art by the talented Allison Oh (my co-curator). Steven and Connie by me.

I am thrilled to announce that I am co-curating (and making art for) a Steven Universe fan art show at Comic Book Hideout! I am really excited about all of the talented artists who will be participating, as well as meeting more Steven Universe fans. It’s such a great show and it has such a special community of fans. I am looking forward to spending an evening with all those folks.

(P.S. During the opening, we will be hosting a cosplay contest, with prizes you can win!)

 If you are interested in participating in the show, we will be taking submissions until Jan. 25th, 2018.  Email me at for details.