I made a new comic, featured on Toco Cat Comics. Check it out!

do_not_be_afraid_web Spider in the Shower

spider_in_the_shower_pt1_fo  spiderintheshower_pt2_forwespider_in_the_shower_pt3_fo

 Regrettoilet_paper_regrets copy




Partial_Love copyPartial_Love2 copybabyspitupbabyspitup2


3reasons_dont_sew_cat3reasons_dpmtsewwithcatScaredy_catcat_and_paper1-webcat_and_paper2-webcat_and_paper3-weba_viceous_cycle_part_1-web SHOES_MATCH_OMG copy SHOES_MATCH_omg2 q-tips copy Batman_Baseball_edited-1

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