Past and Present Photography

As an artist, I am usually strongest in the drawing and painting department. While I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with many different media, it is my main base. I have never really considered myself a “photographer”. I think this is mostly because I know many very talented people who do, in fact, consider themselves professional photographers, and their work is amazing. I do, however, very much enjoy taking photos for my own enjoyment, and every once in a while, I think I get something worth while. So, I give you, my photos:

I have always enjoyed abstract photography, because of its inherent irony.  The average photo is usually considered to be a realistic depiction of objects in space based on light itself.

But light doesn’t always show us everything clearly, and we can’t always see all of the picture.  A photo can still be a mystery, and that is intriguing.


blur wisk



Of course, traditional photos are very much worthwhile as well. To capture what is around us, is something that humans have been doing since caveman days, and now photography is the quickest way to do that.

These are views from my home town in Oregon that I took on a walk very near my house. I am particularly fond of the deer sign one. Sadly, I did not see any real deer that day.

A View From Home

deer photo sign photo

yellow tree blue sky

These are in or around my apartment in Southern California where I am living now. They were during some of the rare times when SoCal actually has clouds.

CLOUD and two trees...

Tree and Line and Sky

Still Home Life

These are from a trip to Vegas a while back.  The baby one, I still do not understand.  I tried looking in there… only blue light.

peekingMaybe this is where is comes out.



If you are interested in more of my everyday photography, you can follow me on instagram:

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