Easter Project for Redeemer Church 2017

For this past Easter Redeemer Church La Mirada allowed artists to participate in creating pieces based on the Stations of the Cross. Here is a detail from mine.




I’ve had the privilege of being a test reader for a friend’s story. In the wee hours of the morning, while feeding my infant son, an image inspired by her character popped into my head, and I had to make it. This is the result. Enjoy!


N3R0 is a character commissioned by a friend, and fellow RPG player. I had so much fun bringing N3R0 to life. He is such a fun character, filled with personality. Please enjoy my work-in-progress and the final piece. Character concept is by Nathan Camp.N3ro sketch copy N3R0 colored wip1N3R0 colored wip2N3R0 colored wip3N3R0 colored wip4

N3R0 colored



Step One: A Solo Show by Melissa Beth Rose

My first solo art show called Step One, as it is my first step towards my artistic career goals of getting myself out there as an artist. It’s a show of collection of my art over the past several years, now in the Agora Lounge at Redeemer Church, La Mirada. It will be up until March 5th. I want to thank everyone who came to the opening, and made it so much fun, and making me feel so well loved and supported! Enjoy!

IMG_1811 copy

IMG_1909 copy IMG_1908 copy

IMG_1809 copy

IMG_1882 copy IMG_1913 copy

IMG_1846 copy

IMG_1823 copy IMG_1818 copy IMG_1816 copy IMG_1841 copy

IMG_1828 copy IMG_1834 copy

IMG_1885 copy