Redeemer Church Easter Series Installation

A couple of months ago I heard an announcement that my local church would be commissioning artwork for their three-week Easter series.  The three themes would be Christ’s Suffering, Death, and Resurrection.  As art in the church is a personal passion of mine, I enthusiastically applied with a proposal for an installation.  I was accepted  with three other artists! Lets just say, I was excited.

Here is my sketch for part one, of the installation, “Suffering”.

For six weeks I worked hard, and finally this last Sunday I was able to see the first part of my installation come into reality.

I am so grateful to the church for giving me the opportunity to do this project.  I am also thankful for the great reception I receive from the church body as well.  My last thanks go to my friend, Allison whose input and help I greatly appreciate.  And, of course, I must thank my wonderful husband who supported me through this all.

Next week is the second installation! Stay tuned!

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