The Word Made Flesh



This was the original concept sketch.
wmf-front2 copy
The final product.

For my church, Redeemer Church – La Mirada, I collaborated with talented Amy Dry to create this life-size sculpture of the Word Made Flesh. This image is based on of the first chapter in the book of John in the Bible. A baby in a manger, with strips of paper that have John 1:1-18 written on them. The strips of paper fade from a Flesh color to paper to gold. (Gold traditionally represents a holy space.)

The idea behind The Word Made Flesh is a simple one, and yet, more complex, the more you think about it. The image of a baby in a manger is an idea that we are so familiar with as a culture, that we rarely pause to think about the strangeness of this image. Yet, the Christian implications of this image are baffling. This baby is God incarnate. This is God, who created the heavens and the earth, who is all-knowing, all-powerful, all present. This is God, whose very existence the human mind cannot fully grasp. This is a holy, intangible, incomprehensible God made into tangible, comprehensible, human flesh.

This is bananas!

Not only is this God as a human, but God as a helpless human baby, and THEN God as a helpless, human baby in a feeding trough for animals. Calling this image “odd” is an understatement. Even so, this image represents so much to the Christian faith. The fact that God is willing to come down to our level to save us, and be with us shows the extent of his enduring love for us.




In Between Two Trees

This last Easter I collaborated with many people in my church to create a stained glass window effect on our windows in the church sanctuary. The wonderful Amy Dry, Rachel Glazener, and Amy Jenson, and I planned and designed it, while many other members helped us to bring our plans into fruition.  Amy Dry wrote such a well written and thoughtful explanation of our goals and ideas, that I thought it would be better to just give you the link:

Tree of the Knowladge of Good and Evil

Olive and Wheat

Palm and Hissop

Vine and Branches

Wheat and FigTree of Life

Redeemer Church Easter Series Installation

A couple of months ago I heard an announcement that my local church would be commissioning artwork for their three-week Easter series.  The three themes would be Christ’s Suffering, Death, and Resurrection.  As art in the church is a personal passion of mine, I enthusiastically applied with a proposal for an installation.  I was accepted  with three other artists! Lets just say, I was excited.

Here is my sketch for part one, of the installation, “Suffering”.

For six weeks I worked hard, and finally this last Sunday I was able to see the first part of my installation come into reality.

I am so grateful to the church for giving me the opportunity to do this project.  I am also thankful for the great reception I receive from the church body as well.  My last thanks go to my friend, Allison whose input and help I greatly appreciate.  And, of course, I must thank my wonderful husband who supported me through this all.

Next week is the second installation! Stay tuned!